The Client

QPCU has over $600 million in assets and supports a customer base of over 25,000 Members.

As part of its operations QPCU has established wholesale ATM relationships with both Westpac and rediATM, covering a nationwide population of over 6,000 ATMs. In addition QPCU maintains its own ATM network, and operates an agency arrangement with Australia Post for Bank@Post outlets for over the counter transactions.

The Challenge

While these commercial arrangements support high levels of service for QPCU Members, they represent significant organisational challenges:

  • Managing location data covering four separate networks (QPCU, rediATM, Westpac and GiroPost) and at least seven different brands
  • Publishing this information in real time over both the QPCU Website and Mobile Website Locator

The eHound Solution

eHound already powers ATM location services for both rediATM and the Westpac Group, and as a consequence is ideally placed to support the data management needs of clients within these networks.

The Benefits

  • Automatic updating of ATM data across the Westpac and rediATM networks
  • Support across both the Web and Mobile Web channels
  • Real time reporting
  • Web-to-SMS integration

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