JAX Tyres

Jax Tyres

The Client

JAX Tyres has more than 75 corporate and franchised outlets around Australia.

The Challenge

JAX Tyres operates in a competitive market and needs to support customer contact across multiple channels in a manner which maximises conversion of sales opportunities.

The eHound Solution

eHound provides JAX Tyres with a 1300 store locator that is powered by the latest in IP-telephony, combining improved customer experience with lower per unit costs.

1300 number: 1300 367 897

The Benefits

  • 1300 call flow is dynamic, such that the option to be put through to an individual store is only offered during the relevant outlet’s opening hours
  • 1300 callers can have details of relevant outlets sent to their mobile phone as a free text message, including address, trading hours, phone number and maplink
  • Real-time reporting on customer search activity and user experience

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